CAFL – Professional American Indoor Football in China

Game 1 Highlights: Hebei vs. Wuhan

Beijing – For all appearances it could have been a Saturday afternoon on any small campus football venue in the United States. There were colorful banners, cheerleaders, pre-game ceremonies and fired-up players toeing the ground during the coin toss. But this was Beijing. Mainland China. There were college football players all right, but players born and raised in The People’s Republic – a long way from Tuscaloosa, Oxford, or Happy Valley.

It was historic. It was the first game of US-style football every played between Chinese Universities, and sanctioned by the Chinese government. Playing outdoors, but on the layout of an indoor arena football field, Hubei would use a strong running game to overwhelm Wuhan. Click below to see first hilights to reach our shores. You will see the first play from scrimmage, the first touchdown, and – the final score of the day.