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New York, New York  (September 9, 2016) – By Matthew Sedacca

As the clock started on Super Bowl XLII—Arizona Cardinals vs Pittsburgh Steelers, 2009, Florida—Ivan Yuan’s eyes were glued to his television. On screen, towering men in multicolored jerseys lunged at each other as fans in bleachers cheered. Helmets cracked. Whistles blew. Cleats dug into yard lines. Through it all, Yuan could feel the fire of team spirit, the camaraderie of competition.

 Yuan wasn’t watching the game in Tampa, or even America, land of the free and home of the tailgate party. That Monday morning, he was more than 8,000 miles away, absorbed in the biggest American football game of the year from his room in Chengdu, China.
“I really, really, really like this sport,” Yuan says. “Football is about brotherhood, about team—it’s all about working together.”
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