CAFL – Professional American Indoor Football in China

US Pros Review the Chinese Debut

Beijing – Building towards the launch of a professional indoor league in China, the CAFL is seeding the future by taking a page out of the U.S playbook: build your players through the universities. To that end, the CAFL, in coordination with China’s sports governing agency, the CRFA, founded grass roots programs in six major China Sports Universities 18 moths ago. This week’s Sports Festival in Beijing brought those teams together for the first time in game conditions for a round robin tournament played over three days.

Would the young men catch on to the intricacies of the football’s basics, let along some of the tricks of the game? Would they learn to effectively block, tackle, and pass the oblong ball? Take a look for yourself, and listen to the pros review it. Ed Wang, formerly of Virginia Tech and the NFL, and Darrick Branch, a former AFL star receiver, are both part of the CAFL operations team in China. They review the first game ever played by the Chinese Universities!

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