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The Sites and Cities of the CAFL Super Series


Conshohocken, Pa (May 3, 2016) – Six cities,1300 miles, 110 million potential fans. Those are just some of the impressive raw numbers attached to the recently announced Super Series, the six-stop tour that marks the CAFL’s historic first season of pro football in China. From the northernmost city of Dalian (the “smallest” in terms of population with over 3 million) to the southernmost tip of the tour, the massive “mega-city” region of Guangzhou (44 million) , the CAFL will introduce the relatively new sport of US-style tackle football, to over 6 centuries of Chinese culture. Terra-Cotta Warriors, say hello to the Gridiron Gladiators!


Below, meet the sensational venues and cities of the CAFL Super Series 2016.


Series Weekend I – Beijing, LeSports Center. Opened 2001

Beijing Ducks Action Shot

This modern multi-purpose arena is very much like The Staples Center in scale and capability. With seating for over 18,000 when the Ducks play here, the CAFL will draw from a local population of over 21 million residents. Beijing, with over 6 thousand years of recorded history, will make sports history when it hosts the first ever CAFL pro football game on the weekend of October 1. Beijing is also the home of the world famous Forbidden City, The Summer Palace, and the best spot for visitors to climb The Great Wall. The CAFL begins its climb to success here.


Series Weekend II – Dalian, Dalian Superdome. Opened 2012


A city small only by China’s standards, but with over 3 million in the city limits, Dalian would rank among the top 5 cities in the US. This futuristic looking arena is big league in every way. Opened in time for hosting of the 2013 National Games of The Peoples Republic of China, the Superdome is booked year round. Recently Justin Bieber performed here to a sellout crowd of over 18,000. With the nicest and most varied amenities that the CAFL scouting group visited, it is part of a massive sports training and testing complex amongst the best in the world. Dalian is a booming seaport along China’s east coast.


Series Weekend III – Qingdao, Qingdao Sports Center. Opened 2009


The home of the CBA Qingdao Doublestar, the Week 3 home of the CAFL Super Series is, by comparison, a smaller, more intimate setting with seating for 12,000. Located in the center of this bustling city of over 3 million, public transport will shuttle fans to the front gate. This is a prime port of the Chinese Navy. It is also a famous tourism site, as it home to the world famous Tsingtao beer brewery.  Originally a German company, this beer has been around almost as long as the city – some six thousand years!


Here the CAFL crew takes a break from a rigorous day of meetings to sample the local product and toast the future of the new league. “Ganbei!”


Series Weekend IV – Guangzhou, Guangzhou Gymnasium Hall. Opened 2001


The CAFL travels south some 1100 miles for week IV in this, the most southern stop of the Super Series. The setting is deceptive. Park-like and serene. The Gymnasium Hall indeed sits amongst the campuses of several universities, and has a pastoral feel. Guangzhou means City of Flowers in Mandarin.

The Hall is part of a complex dedicated to collegiate and pro sports,it is  another stunning architectural design. The city itself is also remarkable.  This is the southern region’s hub of commerce. Guangzhou, which sits just 75 miles north of Hong King, is home to 18 million within the city limits.  However, the extended “Mega-city” as it is called, or metropolitan region is home to over 44 million people! The city sits on a bustling delta of industry, and now welcomes US-style football to its economy.


Series Weekend V – Shenzhen, Shenzhen Dayun Arena. Opened 2011


Among the three “Southern stops” in the Super Series tour, Shenzhen is an international city of modern business, the home of a prime stock exchange, and the site of an enormous influx of foreign investment.  This is reflected in the explosion of modern buildings and lifestyle on display everywhere here. At the same time, it sports a sea -side resort feel, as it sits on the Topic of Cancer along the sunny coast. Ultra – modern business buildings contrast with tall, flowering palm trees and stunning mountain ranges that ring this city of close to 18 million. The Dayun Center will seat 17,000 for the CAFL games with sensational, modern amenities for fans, athletes, and VIPS.


Series Weekend VI – The China Bowl – Shanghai, Shanghai Oriental Sports Center. Opened 2010


Surrounded and framed by a moat, and with the visual appearance of a crown, the CAFL decided this would be the perfect place to crown the first ever Kings of China Football. The Super Series concludes here with the China Bowl. Shanghai, China’s largest city with a population of over 24 million, is nestled between the Yangtze River and the ocean. In fact, Shanghai means  “Above the Sea.” A wonder to behold with its breathtaking skyline, this now is among the most photographed city in all of the world.

Combined with its rich and well preserved history, Shanghai is often called “The Paris of the East.” Indeed a French influence is widely evident in its superb cuisine and old city architecture. The Oriental Sports Center is one of the busiest venues in China, and regularly hosts popular sporting events like badminton, figure skating and short track speed skating. Now, the Crown Jewel of China will see the CAFL’s historic first China Bowl champion crowned here as well.


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