CAFL – Professional American Indoor Football in China

CAFL Combine Highlights

(Beijing, April 19, 2016 ) –

The CAFL continues its search for their first Chinese professionals this coming weekend in Shanghai. The league, which debuts in the Fall of 2016, will hold another combine and tryout camp in the city of Shanghai on Saturday April 23, with a another strong contingent of hopefuls on hand.

Last week, 173 young men turned out in Beijing for the CAFL’s first official¬†combine, under the watchful eyes of the CAFL staff and league coaches.

Photos are one thing – ¬†watching the athletes go through the vigorous tests and drills in real time video is quite another. In just 3 and a half years since founding China’s first official University US-style football federation, the improvement is evident. Note the Excellent footwork and lateral quickness of the athletes, as well as the size and muscle tone.

Click below to play the video.


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