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Steve Tang’s Football Journey


(Beijing, China) September 16, 2016 – By Mick Moninghoff

For the most part football is a young mans’ game. Of course there are exceptions which are usually reserved for quarterbacks and kickers. Very few offensive or defensive lineman play to age 35 or beyond, yet one in the new China Arena Football League is defying the odds and wants to give it one more shot.

Steve Tang of the Dalian Dragon Kings has continued to work out and is in outstanding shape. His 6’4,”260 pound frame is chiseled and ready for the six game season which begins on Saturday, October first when he and his teammates will face the Shenzhen Naja. Every new team needs experienced players to lead the way and Tang has the resume and leadership skills that should equal success. Recently I sat down with the player who can still be a contributor in the CAFL.


MM: You have played football in Europe. What kind of a market do you think there is for football here in China?

ST: “There is actually a big market because we have so many people and already there are other professional sports here in China so football is a must.”

MM: Your father left China for Europe during the Second World War and even though born you were born in Germany, there’s a sense of pride in returning to your roots?

ST: It’s huge, it’s huge for me because I retired from football in Europe and now I’m taking my shot now here in China.”

Tang has 21 years of football experience to give the New League. He first learned of the game in the United States while visiting his cousin. A high school coach noticed his size and asked him to come to a practice. Since that time the game has taken him around the world. From 1990 to 2013 He played in Germany and Switzerland with stops in several cities including Dusseldorf, Monheim, Langenfeld, and Calanda. He last played with the Hong Kong Warhawks in 2015.

MM: How much do you have left to give?

ST: “Enough, I still have enough left in the tank.”

MM: Football can be a brutal sport. How much fun is this going to be?

ST: “Actually I have fun but I know what it takes to play football. I have fun but I take it seriously.

MM: How much fun will this be for the fans?

ST: ”Arena football will be great fun for the fans…with a lot of points.”

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