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Spalding joins The CAFL Team!

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(Philadelphia, April 20, 2016) – The China Arena Football League and Spalding China are pleased to announce a new partnership in China for the official football of the CAFL.

When the CAFL debuts league play in the fall of 2016, their official footballs will be provided by Spalding Sporting Goods (China) Co., Ltd.

“We are thrilled to partner with Spalding for the official football of the CAFL.  We are the first professional US-style football league in China, and Spalding has always been first as well!” said Gary Morris, the CEO of the CAFL. “We look forward to seeing the new CAFL Spalding football on our playing fields, and in the sporting goods stores of China as well!”

In 1887, Spalding developed and manufactured the very first American Football.  In 2004, Spalding became the official ball of the Arena Football League. Today, we are very happy to begin our partnership with the CAFL, as Spalding China will continue to provide the best quality football products to the league and Chinese market.” said Simon Hou, the Managing Director of Spalding China.

The new uniquely designed Spalding CAFL football will make its debut with the start of league play in October of 2016. Check and/or – for an exclusive first look at the specially designed football shortly. It will be unique, colorful and historic, like the CAFL itself!

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SPALDING Sporting Goods (China) Co., Ltd., a wholly owned foreign invested enterprise, has been duly registered and validly established in Shanghai since October 2013.

For more information, contact Benjamin YU, Marketing Director for Spalding China, at

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