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Report: “New Policy Change Could Catapult Sports in China”

In an article for China Sports Review, Shanghai-based sports marketing professional David Yang reports that recent sports reform measures in China will make it easier than ever for sports to develop quickly without requirement for extensive government approvals.

“We’d be remiss if not to report about China’s latest sports reform measures. The message first sent out on Sept 3 on CCTV’s most watched news program, Xinwen Lianbo. To everyone’s surprise, the show aired exactly four minutes and eleven seconds of a State Council meeting on China’s industry of sports.

Three takeaways from the meeting:

· There will be no approval needed in the future from all levels of sports bureaus for holding a sports event. (On Sept 16, the General Administration of Sport(GAS), the top government body of sports in China, abolished their regulation on sports events hosting.)

· Sports facilities will be further opened to the general public. Private investors will be supported in government policies to open sports facilities.

· China is to further streamline the sports market and help companies in the sector, and to speed up the process of producing sports professionals. China is to promote sports tourism, rehabilitation and fitness services heavily so as to contribute to its economic growth.

These, of course, will not be achieved overnight. Even the GAS lifted the regulation on their approving the sports events, we can expect to encounter some bumps on the road in the coming years in this area alone. Big players like the UFC and top European football clubs (I do mean the top clubs, not Guingamp) should be rejoicing over the decision. Small players (companies and organizations) will also be coming in and this could be a blessing and a curse at the same time.”

View the whole article here.

This report serves as a fascinating summary of the challenges that the CAFL faces from past policies, but is thrilling to read that they have been recognized as barriers to growth in pro sports, as well as achievement for the Chinese athletes on the world stage.

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