CAFL – Professional American Indoor Football in China

“Monday Morning Quarterback” Spotlights CAFL

Peter King’s “Monday Morning Quarterback” column on pro football for Sports Illustrated is perhaps the top “must-read” on the sport in America.

So when those of us at the CAFL opened our latest edition to peruse his important NFL pre-season notes and quotes, you can imagine our reaction when we found our own venture prominently mentioned, in conjunction with our partner Ron Jaworski! Read for yourself, below.

Football where?

So Ron Jaworski is an investor in what seems like a nutty scheme with business partner Marty Judge: a professional arena football league of either six or eight teams, to begin play in China in the fall of 2015. A couple of years ago Jaworski was trying to sell Judge, who has business in China, on the virtues of playing football in the country on a lower level, in front of 10,000 or so per game. “So,” he said over the phone Sunday, “six weeks later we’re in an office in China, just off Tiananmen Square, and I’m selling the virtues of American football to the Secretary General of China through an interpreter. We’re there for quite a while; finally we shake hands, and the interpreter says, ‘We want football.’ ” Jaws and his team engaged six universities in China to begin training players in the game, and he assumes there will be some Arena Football League veterans and young U.S. kids jonesing for a future in football who will make up the teams. Eventually, Jaworski said, he wants to see the game go outdoors, but the indoor stadia in China are plentiful and he thinks perfect to get the locals enthused about the sport. “No doubt there will eventually be outdoor football in China,” he said. “I can already see the enthusiasm there. We had an exhibition of football there and drew 9,800 people. People in China will fall in love with it.”

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