CAFL – Professional American Indoor Football in China

Jaws Talks China Football Across the US

Ron Jaworski, a key founding partner in the new CAFL, will be heard in most major US sports markets, and in more than a dozen overall, as part of a media blitz on Thursday, August 14.

The co-owner of the Philadelphia Soul, and hugely popular NFL analyst for ESPN will be heard mainly on ESPN radio stations across the US, but look for “Jaws” on other major media outlets, like “The Dan Patrick Show,” as well.

“There is an amazing story to tell about what we have done already in China, but the story has so many great chapters to write. I can’t wait to tell the folks all about the latest,” said Jaworski, who has traveled to China himself to help lead the efforts for pro and college football in the world’s fasted growing market.

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