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Conshohocken, Pa  (June 14, 2016 )  –  by Lou Tilley

Some raw numbers and analytics from the inaugural player draft for the new China Arena Football League demonstrate the CAFL’s belief that America’s game will be embraced in China, if not the world.   A “hot map” of those logging on to Friday night’s international live stream of the CAFL Draft, showed the biggest viewership in the US. That was to be expected as more than 400 of the 500 players officially registered for the draft reside in America.  Accordingly, a Google report revealed more than 14,000 viewers logging on at one time or another during the 150  minute TV program, which originated from the league’s official media division in their studios just outside of Philadelphia, home base of the CAFL’s parent group, AFL-Global.

What was eye-popping was the report from mainland China, where the league’s local website had only been up and operating for 28 hours. Data from China indicated more than 4100 viewers in the course of the live presentation. The mapping also showed viewers in more than 18 nations internationally, including most of Europe, many in the Far East, and even 2  countries in Africa.

Each of the 6 teams in the CAFL selected 20 players in the draft, equally divided between native (Chinese) and foreign players, which included the US pool.  The leading US indoor football league, the AFL, supplied the majority of the foreign  players selected, with the Philadelphia Soul supplying the most. 20 current or recent Soul players were among the 60 foreign player selections. That made sense as current Soul coach Clint Dolezel is the new head coach of the Beijing Lions, and 2 of his recent assistants, Rod Miller and Derek Stingley are head coaches in the CAFL as well.


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