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Here Comes The Judge!

Official football of The CAFL named after founder and Chairman.

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(Beijing, China, April 25, 2016) – The CAFL continues to make news as China’s first ever US-style Pro football league accelerates towards its inaugural season.  Today, the CAFL announces the premier of the official game ball to be used when league play begins in the fall of 2016. Here is a first look at the ball, developed in partnership with the Spalding Company. Streamlined with an aerodynamic swirling golden stripe, the ball is named “The Judge” for the founder and Chairman of the league, businessman Martin E. Judge.  Marty, to all who know him, even added his signature to the official ball of the CAFL.


“I remember growing up, I got my hands on a real game-used NFL football from the Eagles. It was labeled “The Duke.” I never, ever dreamed that someday, there would be a ball with my name on it, and in a league that I founded,” said Marty as he happily flipped the ball around his office outside of Philadelphia. “I love the way this looks. To me it is the most beautiful thing in the world right now.”  “The Duke” football was named after legendary New York Giants owner Wellington Mara, who took his first name after England’s Duke of Wellington.  That ball, bearing his nickname, debuted in the NFL in 1941.  “Who would have imagined then, that someday I would have my own game ball, “The Judge” in a professional football league, in China?” said the smiling founder and Chairman  of the CAFL.


“The Judge sports the newly created CAFL shield and logo, flanked by “The Judge, Official Game Ball,” and the cursive signature of, Martin E Judge, Jr.  “My father helped launch my business career with a small loan. I hope he can see where that has taken me. I am grateful to him and all of my family, and the CAFL staff who have turned this dream, into a reality.”


The Judge” actually saw its first action over the past two weekends in China, where the CAFL staged the first ever-tryout combines, in search of potential Chinese stars for the new pro league. Over 300 hopefuls turned out, and helped test out “The Judge” – by all accounts, it is a touchdown!


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