CAFL – Professional American Indoor Football in China

Sponsorship Opportunities

Attractive multimedia and cross-platform Sponsorship and Advertising opportunities are now available for our upcoming rollout of AFL Football in mainland China for our anticipated Chinese league roll out in 2015.. To connect with key demographic segments of this dynamic new market, reach out to us now, as opportunities are limited. Contact David Niu, President of AFL Global, or Lou Tilley, President of LTMedia.


President/AFL Global

David Niu has 30+ years of experience in professional sport as a player, a coach and in executive management in Australia, Europe, and the USA. As a professional rugby player, David played Rugby Union, Rugby League, and Rugby Sevens at the international level and taken part in four World Cups. David founded and created the American National Rugby League in 1998, In developing the sport of rugby in America he has worked closely with local stakeholders and international governing bodies to manage all aspects of league business. He has overseen, managed and led the football and commercial operations of international rugby events throughout the USA, and around the world with many nations including Canada, Russia, Australia, England, South Africa, Japan, the Caribbean, and the Pacific regions.


President, LTMedia

A native to Philadelphia, sports have always been at the center of Lou’s life — from his days as a linebacker (and later, radio announcer) at Wake Forest University, to his rapid rise to TV sports anchor in his hometown at CBS 3. Lou then took a step up, when he helped develop the startup Comcast Network’s sports division as an executive and host. Accomplished as both an on-air host and behind the scenes producer, Lou has gathered 11 Emmy Awards in his career. In 2010, he founded Tilley Media, which now serves as the broadcast, public relations, and media content division of AFL Global. LTM’s original productions can be seen on Comcast Sportsnet, CBS Sports Network, ESPN, and Lenfest Broadcasting. For more information go to

In China, contact:


CEO, AFL China

Gary R. Morris is President of The Judge Group and its China business unit, Judge China. Gary has over 29 years of senior-level executive management, sales and operations experience in the services industries. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Ohio Wesleyan University. Gary is the former Chairman of the Technical, IT and Scientific Sector for the American Staffing Association.