CAFL – Professional American Indoor Football in China

Football Opportunities


Head of Football Operations, CAFL

Ken Bozarth is Head of Football Operations for CAFL. Ken’s role at CAFL is to be the direct contact with the league’s players. Ken will help recruit players/coaches to fill roles in upcoming leagues, as well as coordinate team travel, player appearances off the field, train and support players where needed. Ken will also assist with personal matters that effect the team and manage new player orientation programs and initiatives

In China, contact:


CEO, AFL China

Gary R. Morris is President of The Judge Group and its China business unit, Judge China. Gary has over 29 years of senior-level executive management, sales and operations experience in the services industries. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Ohio Wesleyan University. Gary is the former Chairman of the Technical, IT and Scientific Sector for the American Staffing Association.