CAFL – Professional American Indoor Football in China

Coach Vermeil Making A Comeback in China?

…Probably not, but the legendary coach and teacher is thrilled about the historic entry of football into the world’s fastest growing market.

Dick Vermeil coached Ron Jaworski and the Phildelphia Eagles to the Super Bowl in 1981, and remains close to his former quarterback, as they both make their homes in the Philadelphia area. Through Jaworski, Vermeil became friends with CAFL founder local sports owner Marty Judge, who invited the coach to be part of the groundbreaking project in China.

“Hey, once a coach, always a coach, so you know that this is something I’m very much looking forward to,” said Vermeil. “Anyone who knows me knows that I have always had a tremendous passion for our game of football. To get the opportunity to share our great sport with the sports fans in China is something that very much excites me.”

Now, Vermeil, a long time award winning broadcaster as well, will hit the media trail for the CAFL as part of a media blitz on Thursday, August 14, joining in on a dozen national radio sports talk shows.

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