CAFL – Professional American Indoor Football in China

China National Media Question Judge about CAFL


Here are a few of the many questions asked of Marty Judge (Chairman and Founder of the CAFL) by members of the Chinese National Media at Tuesday’s Press Conference in Beijing.

Question: With your three-year agreement with the CRFA, you mentioned the professional league will start in 2015. Why wouldn’t you consider doing the Pro league this year?

Marty Judge: We didn’t have the time to properly develop the professional league this year. And in addition, and most importantly, our partners, the CRFA and we wanted to first begin to develop the Chinese players and therefore we have been working very closely with the six universities over the last 20 months to do this. The development of the Chinese players is really amazing. We have an incredibly detailed business plan that we are working from for the professional league which is starting next year. And we’re really excited about that, but also really excited about the college championships next month.

Question: Outdoor American football is certainly the number one sport in America. Why are you starting your league playing indoor American football versus the NFL-style outdoor game?

Marty Judge: Indoor sports are the major component of the Chinese culture. The indoor style of American football is a perfect fit for the culture and much more entertaining for the fans due to the fans proximity to the players, the ability to create massive entertainment, excitement and stimulus for our fans. And in working closely with the CRFA as we have done over the last 2 1/2 years, the arenas are already built and are perfect for our indoor American football game. The outdoor style of football would need stadiums built to accommodate their requirements. Indoor football is very fast-paced, high-scoring, and easily understood by all of our fans. And one more major reason, girls. Ladies are a large percentage of our fan base. They would much rather enjoy American football indoors versus being outside.

Question: The CBA here in China is certainly a similar format to indoor football. How are you going to expand on the entertainment value for the American football fans to make it more exciting?

Marty Judge: The CBA is a wonderful, very successful professional league here in China. Football in America is by far the most popular and number one sport even when combining all the other sports together. Indoor football, like the CBA, for China provides a terrific environment to put on a real great and entertaining show and sports event. The music, the lights, the on-field entertainment, all give a great backdrop to the actual game itself. And because football is strategic, unlike basketball where one or two players can dominate, the players must work as a team to win. And the fans really enjoy and get into the strategies that their particular team must take for them to win. Because the outdoor style of American football is played in a very large venue, it’s really difficult to create this same entertaining environment. And just like in America, I am sure that the Chinese fans will quickly adopt American football as their own very soon.

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