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CAFL Forms Chinese College League


Weekend scrimmages set the tone

WUHAN, CHINA – “This was a tremendous leap forward for us… not a step, a leap!” An excited Ken Bozarth could barely contain himself, as he watched the teenage hopefuls from six of China’s top sports universities, in full uniform, executing the plays he and his US-staff had installed in the span of just 9 months. “Our coaches did a tremendous job this week training here in Wuhan, and to see it come to life, on the field we built, with the uniforms we designed, and with the passion we see in these Chinese players and coaches, is just fantastic.”

Bozarth should know. As the Head of Football Operations, he has had a hand in all of those things. Most of it from his home on the other side of the planet. Ganlan Media International (GMI), the Beijing based partner of CAFL, has done the groundwork. The groundbreaking execution of vital government approvals, as well as the implementation of the basic agreements and establishment of the start-up programs within each university is the sometimes hidden gem in this story.

On this day, in Wuhan, it was all on display for all to see. History may well note this day. Here were young and talented Chinese athletes, already part of the elite Chinese Sports University programs, playing US-style arena football on Chinese soil – and against each other.

“Words can’t express my gratitude for the coaches I brought here for our second full week long camp,” added Bozarth. “Darrick Branch and Henry Racich are veterans arena coaches. But to have Ed Wang here, an NFL veteran, connecting with the Chinese, as well as two of the best officials from the US (David Cutea and Carl Pagnarelli)… I couldn’t have hoped for more.”

Players, coaches and officials from the six schools faced off throughout the weekend in controlled scrimmages on the newly installed arena-sized practice field, complete with full rebound end-zone netting system. All of it was designed and constructed through GMI, in China.

The six-team collegiatge league, to be called CCAA (China Collegiate Athletic Association), will kick off their first season in 2014, as part of CAFL’s game plan to establish a pro league in China.

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