CAFL – Professional American Indoor Football in China

CAFL Welcomes Ed Wang

As the CAFL gathers momentum towards the kickoff of its inaugural season in 2015, AFL Global and the CAFL announce the official signing of Ed Wang as VP of league development.

Wang, the US-born son of Chinese parents, rocketed to fame and popularity as the first full-blooded Chinese NFL player with the Buffalo Bills, Oakland Raiders and Philadelphia Eagles, after an all-star collegiate career at Virginia Tech University.

“This is a dream opportunity for me, as well as my family,” said Ed, who recently moved to Beijing to take up residency and begin the task of developing future star players and operations for the new pro and college indoor leagues that AFL Global and the CAFL have founded.

Already hard at work in Beijing and in other CAFL-targeted cities, Ed has enlisted another family member, his cousin Shawn Zhang, as the CAFL’s Director of webkasino Player Personnel. “Shawn is a great athlete in own right here as a member of the China National Track Team, and he has been on the forefront of the many developing club football teams that are popping up all over China, and has played the game himself. I am thrilled to have him on our CAFL team,” said Wang.

The story of Ed and his family are chronicled below in this video story from Lou Tilley Media, for the CAFL.

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