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CAFL Success Fueled By Emotion


Conshohocken, Pa (23 August, 2016) – By Mick Moninghoff

Accountants’ crunch numbers, marketing gurus sell tickets and players play the game.  They all contribute to a successful bottom line and if each executes with precision everyone, including the fans, will go home happy.  Football is an emotional game and nowhere is that more evident than on the field where passion and pride equal a winning formula.

Will American Arena Football take hold in China in the newly formed CAFL?  The players think so for a variety of reasons.  James Romain, defensive back for the Beijing Lions hopes that the roots of China’s culture will help the CAFL take hold.

Romain Pic

James Romain – DB Beijing Lions

“Football is an exciting sport that brings unity as well as teaching discipline working with other people. The Chinese culture is about unity. Football will be another outlet for entertainment also,” Romain said.

Some feel the makeup of the roster will equate to success. “Football in China will succeed with the structure the CAFL is using with half the team being Asian and the other half being imports from other countries,” say’s Virgil Gray, defensive back of the Guangzhou Power.  The Chinese culture is big on family. For Asians to have an opportunity to play a professional sport in front of their families will be the key.”

Wide receiver Tristan Purifoy of the Shenzhen Naja has dedicated his life to the game.  He hopes the fans will take their team to heart. ” Football will succeed in China, because I have committed my energy and time in training to this game!  After completing some research, seeing China with their first college championship, the expectations were surreal! With the funding and  marketing of the CAFL, the potential for this organization will be substantial!

Maurice Woodard, wide receiver/defensive back for the Dalian Dragon Kings agrees adding, “I believe football will succeed in China simply because of the fan base.  Basketball has become a premier sport in China and the way the fans back these athletes is remarkable. I feel that they will gravitate and do the same when it comes to the CAFL. I also have been following the CAFL and its timeline for the past couple of years and the plan has been very successful.”

Lavasier Tuinei, wide receiver/defensive back for the Guangzhou Power, say’s success could just be a numbers game. “Probably for the fact that there are over 1 Billion people in the country and all you really need 25% of the population to like football. Then over time it will grow.”

Duane Brooks Bio Pic

Duane Brooks – WR Guangzhou Power

In reality, you have to have a game plan for success.  Wide receiver Duane Brooks of the Guangzhou Power is aware of the groundwork and now will be one of the players who puts it all into action.

“Just based on what I’ve been able to research and keep track of, the AFL-Global / CAFL group has done a great job introducing and growing the game to date. I believe now with the addition of high quality athletes who are also good people added to the equation who in some way, shape, or form share a common vision pertaining to China’s potential when it comes football, the possibilities are endless. Football will succeed because I believe it is a game that is not only applicable to life, but if fun to play and enjoyable to watch. I believe the style of game the CAFL has chosen to grow in China is an exciting style of football but even more an engaging game, atmosphere, and product for fans to take in. Football will succeed in China because there was a vision to grow this great game, a plan put into action, continuous execution, and reinforcement on its way.”

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