CAFL – Professional American Indoor Football in China

CAFL Releases New Timeline Recap Video

Conshohocken, Pa  (May 20, 2016) –

The CAFL will kick off its inaugural season of US-style professional football in China this Autumn.

Recently, Lou Tilley Media (LTM), the creative agency of the CAFL in charge of

media and broadcasting, released its latest  video recapping the rise of the CAFL

from the dreams of founder Marty Judge, to the reality of the upcoming “Super Series.”


The video was produced in conjunction with the CAFL’s recent head to head

meeting with the NFL in New York.  Marty Judge, Ron Jaworski and David Niu

were present as the two leagues discussed their plans and hopes for the sport

in China.  Here is the video, the latest on the growth of The CAFL, but with

much more to come!


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