CAFL – Professional American Indoor Football in China


Press Release

BEIJING (January 25, 2018)

 The China Arena Football League (CAFL) announced today its continuing strategy for bringing America’s most popular sport to the exciting sports landscape in China.

“We are 100% committed to the long term success of the CAFL, China’s professional American football league. We are proceeding with our plans for our next season to be played in the autumn of 2019 and to the expansion of our Chinese indoor sports business model as well,” said Marty Judge, the founder and chairman of the CAFL. “Our China-based staff is developing long term partners and relationships in order to develop a strong foothold in what we believe to be an especially lucrative future of indoor/arena based professional sports in China.”

 The Chinese government has targeted the rapidly expanding professional sports economy as an area of focused national priority. The Chinese National Bureau of Statistics recently announced official data on the growth of China’s sport’s industry for 2016, showing a total output of 1.9 trillion yuan ($295 billion), and an 11.1% growth that outpaced the national economy.

Gary Morris, CEO of the CAFL and a long time Beijing resident, points to a 2019 autumn arena American football season as an opportunity to consolidate the CAFL’s financial foundation. “We are focused on ensuring that our monetary base is rock solid to fulfill our commitment to playing best-in-class professional American football designed specifically for the Chinese market,” said Morris, noting that the league will be adding additional Chinese players to the rosters for 2019.

Ed Wang, President of the CAFL, who was on hand as the CAFL management team conducted two days of meetings at the league’s headquarters in Beijing, echoed that theme. “The thirst for sports as an entertainment option is growing at an amazing pace in China. Our inaugural season laid an excellent foundation for our professional arena football league from a fan perspective. We feel confident in the fan base, its passion and attraction to our sport,” said Wang.

 The CAFL has been in business in China since 2012 establishing a firm foothold with indoor professional American football and sports entertainment, and continues to develop resources, partners and the pathways to bring the most popular spectator sports to the China marketplace.

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