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As you may notice not all teams have a completed rosters and that’s because they’re still evaluated film and holding one on one interviews with candidates. That means if you weren’t selected you may still have a shot so make sure you answer those phones and emails so you don’t miss your chance. And for some of you who haven’t submitted your info and films this is your last shot to be part of history and the China Arena Football league. good luck and thanks for tuning in……

The emphasis of the CAFL’s mission in 2019 is focused around building an infrastructure and relationships that will support our plans to expand to new cities and further invest in the overall future development of “Football” in China for many years to come. In preparation of 2020 and with years of market research and development building team and infrastructure necessary to operate efficiently and while gaining the acceptance of the Chinese Sports Community and Fan. Our 2019 goals include increasing the number of certified Chinese “Football” Coaches, Officials, Youth Participation and overall skill level of the Chinese professional player. It’s two countries working together by committing to the future and longevity of the sport and injecting more of the Chinese culture and economic values. Together with new partnerships and a new vision we grow the local involvement, participation, awareness and brand value.
What’s Next?
After all the players are selected we will introduce the coaches of the 2019 Season
Coaches will immediately begin to contact players and discuss the details of their overall commitment and arrange practices
Game Venues will be officially announced so family, friends and fans can make plans to cheer your team to victory
Streaming and Game Broadcasts TBA
Team Fan/Media Days soon TBA
Official Team/League Kickoff Events TBA
Be Ready for the Official Release of your favorite Team and League Merchandise
What’s Different:
The one(1) difference that stands out from the Arena Game in the US is that we’ve incorporated a one yard Neutral Zone to further protect the QB and increase the possibility of the Big Play
Because of this year’s focus the player ratio has changed to 5:3 on the field in favor of the local Chinese Athlete
Teams are limited to a Maximum of Eight(8) Foreign Athletes on rosters with some restrictions on two(2) of them related to substituting into games and/or overall availability
Team Rosters are a maximum of 20 total players in 2019
Teams will play One(1) Home and One(1) Away Game inn preparation of the Championship Tournament
Teams are competing for the CAFL 2019 Title as well as a Cash Prize based on place of finish in the Championship Tournament
Games could be played in environments where weather can play a factor
For questions related to media and/or assisting with game operations in your city contact the CAFL at

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