CAFL – Professional American Indoor Football in China


Welcome to the 2019 CAFL Championship Tournament. This year’s Competition Format is designed to reintroduce our league, style of play and new tournament format to the football fans in China. It’s a format designed to feature the top teams and players to the country, media, football fans, and everyone in China who wants to learn more about how our game is played and get a good look at each individual franchise. This year’s competition is very vital to our league because it will serve as our way of identifying what local athletes have the potential of becoming the next Football star headed into our 2020 season.
It’s a fast paced exciting style of play that will keep fans on the edge of their seats in a unique environment much different than the traditional arena football experience.

Exhibition Play
In 2019 the CAFL will begin with its teams taking part in Exhibition play kicking off Nov 13th 2019 in Shenyang as the Black Rhinos host the Beijing Lions at Shenyang Sports University. Kickoff time is 1:00pm on Field #20.
The next CAFL Exhibition Game will take place Nov 23rd in Wuhan, China at JETten Jianjiu Music and Sports Park as the Shanghai Legends take on the Wuhan Gators. Kickoff time is scheduled for 2:00pm.
CAFL Exhibition Games are designed so that teams can be introduced to local fans and media as well as allow team owners to introduce their new teams to potential sponsors and investors. CAFL Exhibition Games are equivalent to a preseason game in the US serving as an evaluation platform for coaches to make their final decisions on who will make the final roster/team representing their city in Suzhou in the CAFL Championship Tournament.

Tournament Competition Format
The CAFL Championship Tournament will take place in Suzhou, China on the campus of Eton House International School Dec 6-8th. On day #1 of the Championship Tournament each team will play each other once to establish the final seeding and bracket for Championship Sunday.

Match Play
The first day of games will be referred to as matches and they are the equivalent in length to a traditional quarter of play (12 minutes). Traditional CAFL scoring and timing rules will be in effect including running clock until the final minute of the match where stoppage rules will apply. There is still a one(1) yard neutral zone between the offense and defense. We believe this format will keep players fresh and allow plenty of rest and recovery time before championship matches.

Every match must have all the necessary medicines, we will use partner discounts to buy the medicines that we need at the matches and not only.

Match Play Point System
In CAFL match play a win equals 2 points, a tie is 1 point and a loss is 0 points.
After a full day of rest and the league tallying the final points the teams will enter Championship Sunday and based on overall point accumulation from Day 1, teams will be placed into the 3rd Place Game or into the Championship Matchup.

Championship Play
On Championship Sunday the two top teams will play for the championship and the remaining two teams will compete for the 3rd place trophy. Games on Championship Day are now equivalent in length to a half of traditional play meaning two quarters(2 x 12 minute quarters). There is a 2 minute break between quarters on championship day and teams have to switch direction of play at the end of the quarter. Each team will be provided two :30 second timeouts per match.

Rosters and Player Eligibility
Each team is allowed a maximum of 20 players on a roster including 12 Local athletes and 8 foreigners. On the field each team is allowed a maximum of 3 foreigners at a time.
– On Offense
First substitution/player ratio violation will result in a 15 yard penalty and loss of down. Second violation is 15 yard penalty, loss of down and loss of one(1) foreign player on the field for the remainder of possession.
– On Defense
First substitution/player ratio violation will result in a 15 yard penalty and automatic first down for the offense. 2nd Violation will result in a 15 yard penalty, automatic first down for the offense and loss of foreign player on the field for remainder of possession.
Repeat offenders(player) will result in player disqualification.

Prizes and Awards
Teams are competing for prize money based on how they finish in the tournament as well as the ultimate title of the best professional football team in China. All teams travel hotel accommodations will be covered by the CAFL and all players will be insured in the case of injury.

The Uniqueness of this year’s competition schedule is not only the tournament format but all games are also being played in an outdoor setting allowing the elements to potentially be an influence on the outcome. That’s right! That means players may be playing in the rain, snow, wind and various conditions that may affect your team’s ability to execute their game plans. This will definitely bring an interesting element to this year’s competition.

Cost of Admission
All games are free and open to the public but security at each venue may limit the number of people allowed to enter based on its capacity so get there early. After the game fans will be allowed on the field to get pictures and autographs of their favorite teams and players.

Media Credentials
Any media outlets looking to attend and cover the games must request media credentials by sending your information to

Thank you all for your interest and support in the CAFL and we look forward to seeing you in the various cities around China as we introduce this exciting new style of tournament competition.

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