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AFL China Attends Sportel Asia

Shanghai, China – CAFL, and their Chinese based company, Ganlan Media International, joined over 300 international sports companies at Sportel Asia in Shanghai, as part of CAF:’s launch of China’s first ever US-style pro football league. The CAFL will begin formal operations in 2016, and was among the exhibitors’ at the largest gathering of sports business interests in the world at the annual Asian convention.

“China is just beginning to recognize the tremendous impact and reach of pro sports,” said David Niu, who is manning the CAFL/Ganlan exhibit, along with AFL Global CEO Marty Judge, and GMI CEO Gary Morris. “We are learning quite a lot about the traditional channels of broadcasting, sports marketing, and operations in China, but also about the new and critical developing mobile and social media platforms. At the same time, we want the Chinese and world wide entities to know more about our arena football league in the process.”

CAFL and GMI have already staged an historic exhibition game in China, at Beijing’s Capital Sports Arena, in November of 2013. CAFL’s media and production partner LTM (Lou Tilley Media) co-produced national TV broadcasts of the game in both China and the US. “Our goal is to televise all of our games in China, as well as to offer our product on the international level, with correlated content across all platforms,” added Niu, who has extensive experience in developing new league and broadcast offerings though his association with international rugby. “There is a reason US-style football dominates the US fans’ attention. We are quite excited about how it will translate here in China and throughout the world.”

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